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What is a 'Spoofed Email?"

Our clients often ask, "Why am I receiving so many suspicious emails?"

The short answer is that the scammers that send them are finding it to be very profitable.

One of the more current schemes is to send out spoofed 'account closure' emails, warning recipients that their account at a bank, Paypal, Youtube, your email or facebook is about to be closed unless they renew their credentials.

These fake emails often appear to be authentic enough to fool many people.

A typical spoofed email will often include a request that the recipient click a link to validate their account. The scammers will then have access to the recipient's login information and other private data.

Even worse, since the scammers have access, they can lock the account by changing the password and hold the account for ransom.

If you suspect that there is a need to update your credentials, its best to open a browser and navigate directly to that website instead of clicking on an email link.

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