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Cutting the Cord Update - by Rescue Rick

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

cable modem

Several months ago I wrote an article about cutting the cord and options available. Getting rid of cable/satellite service has been making news lately as the cable companies are starting to see the writing on the wall that people are upset with their service costs. Comcast and ATT are now offering streaming options. The owners of cable channels have been making deals with various streaming services.

To Recap my setup:

Rescue Rick's Current Cord Cutting Setup

I tend to watch broadcast TV mostly. Sundays I might binge on shows/movies on Amazon Prime or the Smithsonian channel. Occasionally I’ll watch the Roku channel movies (but this like watching broadcast TV with commercials that cannot be skipped.)

I am happy with my setup. The only service I might subscribe to is Philo-TV. Philo-TV offers several cable channels that I miss: HGTV, BBC America, Cooking Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery, History…

If I wanted to get away from using antennas (they are affected by the weather and the TV’s built-in receiver) I would probably use YouTube-TV or Hulu-TV at this time. They seem to be the most stable streaming services currently.

If you are interested in to cutting the cord, we at Rescue Computer can offer a suggestion to the best option for you. We can be reached at 732.349.0500.

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