Computer Virus Removal

We know: you never think about a computer virus happening to your machine. Then it does. Don't panic! Call the experts at Rescue Computer Service to remove that virus and get your computer back to working order.

Virus Repair and Recovery

There are many different computer problems that people think of when they hear “virus.” There's spyware, malware, ransomware, and more. Whether it's a new computer or an old one: we can remove most viruses on the spot.
Close up laptop with Phil-fi— Computer Virus Removal in Ocean & Monmouth, NJ

PC and Mac Service

Yes! Mac computers can get viruses, too. And, yes! You can get a virus even if your McAfee or Webroot software is completely up-to-date. The people who create computer viruses always try to stay one step ahead of the antivirus software companies, which can mean that you're the one who gets that latest virus. Fortunately, Rescue Computer Service is here to rescue your computer.

Business and Residential Service

No matter if it's your home computer or your company hard drive—we offer onsite service that's just a phone call away. We come to you and can repair most computers while you wait. In the event that you do have something that will take more time, we promise a complete and honest assessment so that you're as informed as possible about your computer's situation.

Simple Tips to Combat and Prevent Viruses

Be sure to update your antivirus especially after returning from a vacation or when your computer hasn't been used for a while.

Antivirus software should be updated even before checking your email. Whenever your computer is shut down for more than 2-3 days, it's a good idea to let your antivirus software update itself before checking email or going online. The longer your computer is turned off, the bigger the risk.

Don't rely exclusively on antivirus software. It is far too easy to allow viruses and malware to enter your system. Try to stay with the mainstream websites which you can trust. Be cautious before downloading anything.

Even the best antivirus software cannot guarantee that your computer will never become infected. It is up to you to use caution when searching, downloading, or opening email.